Sunday, 2 October 2011

80s Stallone

The jet ski jumps in slow motion over the camera as you fire off a champaign cork into the heavens, cigar in one hand, mirrored aviators stuck tight to your face, you leap into the swimming pool of life lined with red bathing suit wearing super models, your speado wearing chums stand nearby firing machine guns off across the bay, the yacht is signalling that it's time for the party to begin, your muscles almost hurt from looking so good, the sun beats a tan down onto everyone in sight and when night finally comes you will drive your red Lamborghini through the streets of Naples listening on cassette to the hottest synth beats. You are a winner.

This is 80s Stallone! Total neon muscle Italiano upbeat synth electro magic, dance on steroids till dawn, live the Miami dream. Beautiful "label under 80s" sounds created this year!

80s Stallone - Headshot by 80s Stallone 80s Stallone - Cliffhanger by 80s Stallone 80s Stallone - DRIVEN by 80s Stallone

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