Monday, 31 October 2011

Concerning Belize Cult hits the shores of Europe.

The following is a concerning announcement on a growing problem that has now reached the shores of Europe:

"CVLT CLASSICS began in 1981 in an island off the shore of Belize as a cult. The cult has been living there isolated. The only contact with the outside world were the drug boats that used the camp to refuel on their way to Miami. We traded tapes for gas and we grew on 80s and early 90s, cocaine-fueled, cheap music. We have left the island, settled in Madrid and Brighton and now present you our newest track, TROPICO.

A humid and paranoid track with sloppy guitars we bought from a group of German missionaries living with the indigenous people of the Upper Amazon, and we decided to make a cover of it and offer it up for free"

Tropico (Instrumental Mix) by CVLT CLASSICS

This is all very worrying.

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