Sunday, 23 October 2011

New Blissed Out EP!

Here's a new mixtape/free digital EP released by Blissed Out! Entitled "Blissed Out - I" its got a collaboration with Ritualz on it and some super sweet tracks all tinged with Euro trance feelings and low dirty hip hop stylings. The question we have to ask ourselves is"will it blend?" ..and yeah its awesome! "I" features eight new, original songs all written, produced and recorded by Alex Winter in New York, with the exception of "Midnight," which he co-wrote with Ritualz. 

The EP is streaming on Soundloud but can be downloaded from mediafire here. My favourite songs off this EP are definitely BANG BANG and Outro, the first for its great off kilter beat and the second for its spaced out old skool rave feel. Brillliant


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