Thursday, 27 October 2011

Heavy Strife - Synthétiseur - one awesome free album!!

Oh wow, this is an amazing album! This is like.. well so much stuff at the moment but better, I cant believe its being given away free! Heavy Strife is the artist and Synthétiseur is the album. 

On first listen this is like better than the new M83 album and I love that album -though it takes a listen to get into it! Synthétiseur hits you straight away all catchy, epic and synthy. It's a blissed out showgaze feeling, 80s inspired dance, made with towering synths and gigantic warm melodies all tinged with a post punk sadness. It makes me feel like listeing to an album for the first time as a kid at Xmas, opening up the wrapping reading all the inner sleeve blurb and playing it to death up in your bedroom while eating chocolate all snug and warm with snow outside! Album of 2011? Close!

This is better than the new M83 album for sure its better than a lot of things actually, it's probably better than the new Justice prog Pheonix style album from what I've heard of that. Oh and Synthétiseur is really short too, no long sprawling Prog here! But it is progy though, along the lines of Zombi, MGMT or that kind of thing.

"Heavy Strife is the latest project by the artist B.A. Blaufarb. Years ago he emerged from the dense green foliage of Maryland to spend his young adult life on the move around the country. In the summer of 2011 he sat down in a New York apartment to begin work on what would become Synthétiseur." 

Go download this now for free from Bandcamp.

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