Monday, 17 October 2011

Orobonic Plague - GAAP album.

"(33.) GAAP. - The Thirty-third Spirit is Gaap. He is a Great President and a Mighty Prince. He appeareth when the Sun is in some of the Southern Signs, in a Human Shape, going before Four Great and Mighty Kings, as if lie were a Guide to conduct them along on their way. His Office is to make men Insensible or Ignorant; as also in Philosophy to make them Knowing, and in all the Liberal Sciences. He can cause Love or Hatred, also he can teach thee to consecrate those things that belong to the Dominion of AMAYMON his King. He can deliver Familiars out of the Custody of other Magicians, and answereth truly and perfectly of things Past, Present, and to Come. He can carry and re-carry men very speedily from one Kingdom to another, at the Will and Pleasure of the Exorcist. He ruleth over 66 Legions of Spirits, and he was of the Order of Potentates."

GAAP is the latest release from Ourobonic plague and wow its immense, much more upbeat and potentially dancy than the last Spirits///Gremlins EP. This is ambient doom bass drone attack 'copters circling their prey on alien ice worlds for eternity. Go download it from Bandcamp now and give what you can!

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