Saturday, 21 May 2011


LoveDied is some Australian Witch House/Drag tagged on Bandcamp with: funeral house, ambient, australia dubstep, electro hip-hop, sad but cool trance, witch house. Symbol lovers might love it but I couldn't get through the whole thing. LOVE the press release though!

"Let me describe lovedied 4 u. If u can imagine 4 me:
Do u remember the beautiful green hills vista that was ur favrit desktop on WINDOWS XP (RIP)? now its not grass, its an infinite crying ocean 'n all the icons on ur desktop r crying.
Hav u seen the tv show "DAWWSOONS CREEK"? Do u remember how that guy and that girl was in love on the tv show. Do u ever imagine how its like when those actrs will get old n wrinkley 'n maybe they wll be lonley 'n they will think bak n realise their only tru happyness was fake emotions on a tv screen and their tru sadness is reality thats how lovedied sounds n feels, thats how u will feel, if u can feel. Do u ever sit n watch the screensaver of the flying stars 'n think about how small u r n lonley.Do u luk at phots of the hapy luvrs n kno that theyre just staged photos of sumthin dat not evn real, not real 4 nebody, 'n u no dat u dont need teh luv but u still cant sh8ke teh felling dat sumthin missin 'n its not worth crying 2day bcos "everyday is an occasion for tears" 'n it happend long ago but now u no 4 sure that luv has died, well, mby not died, mby it never excsisted in the first place, i guess the effect is teh same.

- immacul8

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  1. most soulful aussies i've ever heard. rilly excited about this camp.

  2. thanks for blogging about lovedied!

    here's our home on da web
    stay tuneddd

    - gosts