Sunday, 8 May 2011

MUСоединенноеMUКоролевств - drag and reverse it!

Everything is going MU crazy at the moment, with a location that states "J C, THE CHURCH OF MU, Jamaica" MUСоединенноеMUКоролевств are a fully Witchian band that hails from the home of a lot of great new music Russia (probably) They take the concept of the drag remix one step further by reversing the track as well as slowing it down! Glacial and satanic, psychedelic and incredibly poppy these tracks are incredibly weird and more than good. All the tracks can be downloaded so go do it!

Соединенное MU Королевство - Rick Astley will never ever gonna give you up by MUСоединенноеMUКоролевств
Соединенное MU Королевство - Theme from Mu by MUСоединенноеMUКоролевств

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