Thursday, 5 May 2011

Salem: Till The World Ends video remix

Such a poor remix it makes me think its not Salem and actually just another faker like there was a month or so ago, like this is just your average drag remix you could find a hundred times over on Soundcloud.. And the video is just blah, like the night vision strippers and war idea is a good one but it isnt really edited well or with any kind of thought behind it, yes there are some repeats with bombs on beats and that kinda thing but all in all, the "remix" and video could have taken about an hour to make, that's with rendering time on the video.. I all looks like a bit of a money maker or trend stalker, nothing wrong with that but hey just put a bit more effort in yeah? Or have Salem bounced back onto the crack and need some dollars super quick..
Selling your soul to Satan is sometimes cool kids but than its sometimes selling it to Sony!
Oh and also GI∆LLO already did a better drag remix of this 6 days ago!

†ill †he world ends (FE/\/\/\/\E F∆†∆LE) by GI∆LLO


  1. glad i'm not the only that thought that.

  2. witch house.//drag.
    200910 prominent