Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Kreayshawn Witch House comedy song.

"MYRRH KA BA and ZOMBELLE, inspired by 1st internet, created on 2nd internet, for the 3rd internet."
This is a track by M¥rrĦ Ka Ba its good 'cos it re-writes Kreayshawn's Bumpin song, it's funny and zeitgeisty I suppose. Electroclash attitude over trance&B with Witch House comedy lyric re-working to rival The Lonely Island. I should love this but I just know it is so niche and cliquey that every time it's played somewhere in the world a ghost implodes..

KREAYSHAWN - 1big br00m full a blk witchez (pumpkinpumpkin - Halloween p∆rty r∑mix) by M¥rrĦ Ka Ba

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