Monday, 2 May 2011

Pyramids Of Mu: enter the Pharaohs!

Pyramids Of Mu are a band wrapped in amazing-ness, part drag/zombie rave sounds part 90s rave, part Witch House but only just, this is proper slow grooves and doom beats from honest to god Egyptian 90s ravers alive for 2012 and the re-organization of the tectonic plates as the sun and stars align to destroy mankind. Rejoice, repent, reinvent and remix, the soundtrack to the end is truly here, this is the rave you wanted, these are not the droids you were looking for, back to the old school, acid tweets and 808s, Soviet time travellers hand in hand with the Pharaohs, in with the new, out with the blades, re-use and recreate the sounds of yore and herald the coming spring, the sand storm is upon us, hail the sun god, onwards to Glastonbury!
Khentamentu ∆ Pharao by Pyramids Of Mu

PYRAMIDS OF MU-Illuminatu from PYRAMIDS OF MU on Vimeo.

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