Friday, 20 May 2011

Ghibli - Pythia (2 exclusive downloads)

Thomas Michael formerly operated as Jaded Hipster Choir but now has transformed into Ghibli, a "kinetic pulse pop prince with an insatiable palate for classical vibrations and vinyl induced friction." Jaded Hipster Choir were a Canadian three piece that make a weird mix of chillwave, that moves from raps to robot voices, the sound of waves on foreign shores, Beach House style vocal takes, breaking drums, 8-bit bubblings and crickets under starry skys with warm analogue synths!
Ghibli moves in similar avenues but with a more dancey pace, its beautiful sample led ambient dance music that makes a rainy day in spring seem like the perfect time to go out and play.
Ghibli has a forthcoming record available from the 28th June; called Pythia, it is supposedly a "modern ode to the Oracle of Delphi and the gaseous omissions from a crack in the mountain where her temple to Apollo was situated." (I think I saw that documentary as well!)
In anticipation of the release here are two free tracks to download from the album, just left click and save!

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