Monday, 28 February 2011

Ritualz: Ghetto Ass Witch

WOW! So the new †‡† EP dropped today and its called Ghetto Ass Witch! He seems to have dropped the complex spelling and moved to the phonetic spelling of Ritualz for EP number two and wow is this a good EP, I've been going through it today a lot and it kills, this is next gen †‡†. Hip-Hop Trance Witch House, that is just total 2011. This is not only the genres future its pops future too, Ritualz should be all over producing the 3rd Gaga album, hey Ritualz should be producing the next Rihanna album this is just too good for the world to miss. Just listen to it! So layered and rich and bouncy, dark as hell at points but tracks like Baba Vanga are just so groove filled and evil in the most dirty sounding way! Its got percussion on it too not just grinding trance synths and pre-set handclaps. Then tracks like Big Magick Hustlas take thigns another way entirely and shit all over Salems album.. objectively (if I can be!) this is a better album, I say album 'cos its eight tracks long that's only two under King Night's length. I need to have a club night up and running again to play these tracks out! Tracks like "Third Eye Sixth Sense" with its percussive droning start chanted and buzzing which rises to a fuzzed out beat and layered cacophonous noise until a minute and a half in where it drops all that out and the sound bounces forth clear and dancey, with an electro groove of epic proportions then blam the distorted synths come back in and everything rolls on like a castle collapsing down the side of a mountain. Oh and then you have the amazing final track "Star Magick" that is pure Black Metal via the medium of Witch House style Gabba..! No really, fucking listen to that track and weep tears of dust!
This is an awesome EP that rivals anything out there within the Witch House genre and nicely lifts up and out of it to easily rival bands like Salem, Crystal Castles and the like. Go buy the EP now!


  1. I bet you wwere sitting on his bandcamp pressing refresh all day. I would have been if I hadn't been in the office. Amazing stuff. next level indeed.

  2. Well he sent me the album last night so I'd already listened to it but yeah soon as it went up it was time to blog! Been a busy day for that kinda thing, trying to catch up, so much good music about, "Witch House †w0 p01n† o)))"