Saturday, 5 February 2011

KYNAN amazing Purple Rain cover.

I discovered KYNAN through the brilliant verb/re/verb blog's "Youth Mixtape" of which "The goal of this mixtape has been to illuminate the young talent, each artist being below 18, about to enter adulthood, but with far more innovation and introspection than most with more years to tally on. Each of the 9 artists chose a song to cover that they listened to as children, each with an incomparable interpretation of songs that very much so shaped their childhoods." (download here.)
Kynan covers Prince's Purple Rain and totally owns it, turning it into some kind of blissed out chillwave pop thing, slowed down and just gorgeous. So good, better than the original. Killer.
Only thing I know is this is someone from San Diego. Go download his "Try harder (January Mix)" from Bandcamp now. And get the Prince cover here.

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