Monday, 28 February 2011

"La Main Gauche" by §

§ (pronounced Silver Strain) are one of my top Witch House bands with some ace tunes and great production values and now their first proper fill length album "La Main Gauche". Available from the new and awesome Witch House record label Black Bus Records it's a CD-R release limited to 100 hand numbered copies and is only 8 Euros!
This is the track listings for it.
01. Brittanny Kore
02. Rosebuds
03. La Main Gauche
04. Sádicos Infernal
05. Times 3 feat. ☾∧† ◯
06. The Return of Brittanny Kore
The video below as you can see is from the LP and is a re-edit mash up of some brilliant old Mexploitation films. Oh and the LP also Features choral chants and additional vocals by ☾∧† ◯.

§ - Sádicos Infernal from § on Vimeo.I love this sound that § make, its so dynamic and intense, no drone or filler all top production sounds and progged out dance poses. Doom rave, death rave, mummy trance, chuck anything at it you want its brilliant, its Witch House but fully 2 point 0, hey its 2011 maybe its 2 point 1 by now.

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