Friday, 4 February 2011

Myspace will eat your band..

Okay bands seriously now just delete your Myspace accounts and set up Facebook accounts, Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages, maybe a site if you can be bothered but there's no need those three are good enough.
The only good thing about Myspace now is it taps in at the top in the Google searches.. but whats the point of people visiting your page, its hard to link out from it, all the pictures are now tiny and shit, you cant customise things like you used to and everyone just switches off if they have to look at a Myspace page now anyway, you are almost driving fans away from your band by having one! As soon as you fully delete your account your bands Facebook/Soundcloud/Bandcamp page will appear at the top of any search engines list and people can find you like that.
Do it now, I'm starting to not blog bands that use Myspace as their main internet location.. you just seem like you're not serious.


  1. /\ this /\

    Good call Mr Wolfe. I haven't linked to myspace sites for a long time. If there's no proper website I link to as the main site. Bands should use that, it's all totally linkupable and more useful than Facebook (which I don't have so it's no use to me bands using that). I like it.

    Soundcloud &/or Bandcamp sites are essential. Goes without saying.

  2. miau, - and i won't read your blog any more not even linking to myspace. haha, just kidding, but shifting perspective that's how easy the conter-argument would be, isn't it?
    me myself i would love to have one unique platform for music. and bandcamp seems to be pretty cool as its design represents coverart, you can buy things and the musik player is quite good as well.
    so i'd emphasize all bands should link all there stupid sites simply to bandcamp and that'sit.
    merry witchnews

  3. Yeah, it is a good call - although I was reading today that people are propposing bids to buy myspace off Murdoch before he's even put it on the market (a clear sign the world agrees with you - he has run it into the ground).

    The worse thing about myspace is the advertising, that's why nothing ever loads sproperly any more. They made user photos tiny but filled the site with flash ads and high res pop ups, with my broadband connection it takes easily a minute to load a page (which is mostly just white thanks to people not bothered/unable to undersatand the new profile design tools).

    I might wait and see if someone manages to get it off him before I destroy mine though - I've got fond memories of the way things were in '05!

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  5. *Oops above*

    Yeah totally Myspace has turned to crap. Soundcloud all the way.

  6. I boycott soundcloud. It's like my bargain bin record pile. I had 18 tapes that I had uploaded from Thailand and various points of travel before I returned to USSA late last year and once I got back and logged into scup from a USSA ip they said I can only have 2hrs of music uploaded. Fuck that! I didn't have backup either, I figured soundcloud was a reliable host.