Tuesday, 22 February 2011

$LØW HE▲D / RΛINИIΛЯ split cassette

I received the new $LØW HE▲D / RΛINИIΛЯ split cassette release just recently from Haunted Cassette Tapes, real life had kept me from blogging about it but here it is now! Have a listen to the wonder of it all below via the two videos released for this cassette split. The visuals are all pretty awesome as well, like as well as the music. Ç⋵ℜ⋻♏ð♑ℷa⇂ ╀ is responsible for the 2nd video.

$LØW HE▲D / RΛINИIΛЯ - "gold paint huffer" from Ç⋵ℜ⋻♏ð♑ℷa⇂ ╀ on Vimeo.

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