Wednesday, 22 September 2010

†‡† album, mix tape and ISVOLT compilation!

Not only is one of my favourite Witch House artists †‡† on the ultimate Witch House comp, ISVOLT from God Don't Like It a Witch House compilation in collaboration with Disaro Records, soon to be released on 12" and CD, but he also features as the first track!

This release is the real game change for the genre! Pre -order it here at
Robot Elephant Records.

Track listing:
†‡† - Misery Walk
Fostercare - Cold Light
///HORSE MACGYVER\\\ (formerly ///▲▲▲\\\) - Nod
Modern Witch - Your Life Is A Movie
//TENSE// - Versus Man
Party Trash - Skyclad
White Ring - LxC999
Raw Moans - Nectarine
Mater Suspiria Vision - Ritualz of the Crack Witches.

All the †‡† tracks in demo form are available to download for free on the Soundcloud page.
There is also a †‡† Ritualzzz CDr release on Disaro that contains five new songs and everything is also mastered to a higher quality.

As if that wasn't enough then we also have a brilliant short mix tape released too! Called the Slow Motion Mixxxtape its a zombie rave, pop, R&B, goth-tastic masterpiece. Its was originally on but has been circulating for the last few days and it kicks the shit out of every other mix tape making the rounds over the last few weeks!
Get it here: Slow Motion Mixxxtape. (right click and save)

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