Monday, 6 September 2010

Walsh, free "Smoke Weed about It" album.

Shit whats this? Amdiscs produce some great stuff and here's another, a 7 track album called "Smoke Weed About It" from a guy or a band called Walsh who I dont know anything at all about.
Its available to download for free from Bandcamp or from Amdiscs themselves.

Part Chillwave, part blissed out hip hop, part midnight driving electro along the lines of Gatekeeper. Its varied and interesting and has a great album title (almost as good as my Hippie taunting "go make some jewelry about it" which is more just an insult.) The album also has 2 guest vocalists on it, Mat Cothran and Squadda Bambino, not bad for free! Check it out!

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