Friday, 3 September 2010

Erleen -dance music for Russian spies.

I discovered Erleen about a month back and I have kept meaning to blog about her, then today I saw this 3D video by Cosmotropia De Xam for her Cowbell Song and it was like the last straw and I had to post something up.

From San Diego, California she makes lo-fi electro-ish sounds, with spoken word vocals and dark synth attitude. Its quirky and a bit witchy and industrial. The songs have a great looping pace, they bounce forward with the brakes cut, not fast but definitely unstoppable.
It reminds me of an updated sounding version of the 8-bit post electroclash bands that were around a few years ago, bands like 1-800 Zombie or CC Ivory, I mean its not exactly like that but it stirs a similar part of my brain.

You can download all her songs for free from her Soundcloud page here.

Erleen also has a Bandcamp page with one song to download for free on it, the spelling challenged "Shut The Fuk Up" which again is free to download.

So Cosmotropia De Xams video creating empire slowly rolls on, with another collaboration/commission, soon it will be like Pharrell, and it will cost at least a £1000 for one of these videos, but it will be worth it to turn a lo-fi dark dance track into a Witch House top ten smash hit!
Dig out your red and green 3D glasses and watch below.

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