Saturday, 18 September 2010

Superheroes Of BMX at Brains.

Superheroes of BMX are a Brighton based DJ trio who play loads of bars and clubs all over the city, they promote themselves kind of as if they're a band with press releases and photo shoots.

They have a punk rock kind of attitude to DJing, hating on trends and scenes and avoiding playing what they consider the usual DJ fodder. Expect the kind of inspired insanity that flips from The Flaming Lips to Atari Teenage Riot, the Weather Girls "Its Raining Men" to the most obscure 80s Euro pop and back again to Wu-Tang Clan and the soundtrack The Bill.

I swung by their night Brains at The Westhill pub on Friday to say hi and take some pics and despite being a man down they were as per usual kicking it in style, rocking some ghetto garbage chains and playing everything from Kiss to Stereo Total.

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