Sunday, 12 September 2010

Raw Moans - Aqua Net.

Raw Moans hitting us up with some erotic bathtime action here in this beautiful video for his song Aqua Net, is this the indie equivalent of Motley Crue videos? On the Disaro label Raw Moans makes a glo-fi chillwave sound that also drifts blissfully towards all things dark and Witchy as well.

There's a double CD-R album coming out 22 SEP 2010 called "We Want It Beautiful NOT REAL" while CD 2 is a remix of the album by loads of different Witch House bands like High Park And Mater Suspiria Vision called "RW RMX".
Get it like all the Disaro albums by messaging on Myspace or emailing the label!

Raw Moans "Aqua Net" Music Video from ash smith on Vimeo.

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