Sunday, 11 July 2010

Welcome To The Witch House by Mater Susperia Vision,remixed by †‡†

Quick post to let you in on a collaboration between two of my favourites, †‡† and Mater Susperia Vision. This is a †‡† remix of MSVs Welcome To The Witch House and it kicks it outa the ball park!

My Pal The Crook from Мишка just wrote a great piece for the Seen All Over site that covers the glorious rise and proliferation of Mater Susperia Vision, read that here.

I feel as I'm talking about them you should see one of the more recent in their constant stream of videos, so below is The Drone Cabinet of Doctor Trance.

This band came into existence within this year, they already have an album out, four intense mixtapes, numerous solo track releases, over thirty videos, video cassette and dvd releases and another album out this August plus various collaborations and remixs.

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