Saturday, 10 July 2010

//Tense// and LOOM11 releases. Synth ahoy!

Desire Records has some great releases at the moment, the new //Tense// album Memory for example which is amazing and only $8. Listen to a mixed sampler of it below!
There are also still a few copies left of //Tense//s Introducing EP on CD and tape.

Also from Desire comes the LOOM11 single Artifacts on lovely white 7" vinyl.
The brainchild of Elon Katz the writer and producer behind Chicagos White Car. LOOM11 see's him going in harder EBM direction, all classic digital synth and thrusting drum machines. Get it here.


  1. There are literally 3 copies left of the cassette! "Memory" will be available on Grey vinyl and limited to 300 copies available July 26th. Taking pre-orders now!!!!