Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Free download of Dreams, Simple Steps EP.

For a band operating in chillwave territory I cant decide whether its a weird or inspired to so heavily sample Paul Wellers Changing Man on the first track of their debut EP but Dreams do it and it sure is ballsy. Plus the great thing is it works brilliantly! (Hopefully The Weller wont hunt them down and beat them senseless for it!)

This bands EP charts the journey of a night out it would seem, each song name is a step on the journey, literally, track one is called Step 1 (Preperation...Good old days/Some nostalgia) and so it continues up to the last track, Step 4 (Hands in the air. Say goodbye... All the good things in life)

Its happy upbeat tape warmed dance music, samples and echoing voices, vaguely tropical like a transistor radio on a sunset beach half phasing in and out with the waves. Their name sums it up perfectly, holiday dreams bleached by the sun and set to music. With nice little hooks in the songs as well!

From Portugal Dreams EP is called Simple Steps and is free to download from their Bandcamp page. They are unsigned and though the product of just one guy they have a live set up of some kind, with the Myspace talking of drums, guitars, synths etc.
They also rock a mean Tumblr and Facebook.

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