Thursday, 1 July 2010

I Haunt Wizards, Mater Susperia Vision and Antwerpmusic.

Three tracks from three bands off of Soundcloud:

I dont know anything about Antwerpmusic other than they're from London and this track is great, you can download it too!

Mater Suspiria Vision are fast becoming one of my favourite bands.
Here is their treatment of the queen of illuminati Lady Gaga and her new single Alejandro:

I Haunt Wizards are now a two piece aspiring electro R&B outfit but go back a few years to when they were still at school and a three piece and they made 8-bit inspired weirdness like this great track.
All their songs .. well I guess they're old songs, (about thirty three of them!) are available to download for free from their Soundcloud and are worth checking out!

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