Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Bosco Delrey, EP releases finally!!

Hell yeah! Bosco Delrey has been a long running favourite on this blog and now he's got two EPs/double A side singles out via Mad Decent.
The first is his proper debut release called Wild One/Evil Lives.
Its all 60s organ and modern beat programming, stoned rock gospel vocals and a real danceable groove!

The second EP/Single is called Space Junky/My My Racecar. The Space Junky track is a Drop The Lime reworking of Bosco Delreys song that emerged last year.
Its faster than before, a nice shuffling beat driving it along, dancehall basslines, crisp psychedelic guitars and a cleaner production sound.
Both EPs can both be bought on Amazon here and here. AND later this moth Bosco Delrey 7" vinyl is coming out! So glad stuff is finally happening for him!!

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  1. My My Racecar is the track that needs to be played on the radio. I've been playing that track in Los Angeles, California. I've got people looking at me. Oh yes, My My Racecar is the bomb.