Friday, 22 January 2010

Dj Set @The Prince Albert excitement!

I Djed at The Albert on Wednesday before and after the bands played (The Mekano Set, Bird Eats Baby, etc) This is the first gig I've seen where a band says on stage; "you can find us on.. if you Google our name!" So not 'you can find us on Myspace' like everyone used to say! This is the death of the Myspace shout out. Sites are better to use and so easy and Blogs are even easier and way more personel. Myspace is your bands trainer wheels and if you dont split up after 6 months then get a Blog and your own site!

This is the track listing of everything I played. I was pretty happy with this even though I dont think anyone noticed the sounds of heavy rain and thunder I faded in and out of any track fade outs!

Big Stick - "A Threat"
Red Violet Red - "Candy Cane"
Late Of The Pier - "Blueberry"
Gang Of Four - "I Love A Man In Uniform"
Barbi and The Kens - "Not Your Steppin Stone"
Gogoll Bordello - "Sally"
The Higsons - "Put The Punk Back Into Funk"
Freeze - "Boston Not L.A"
Limbo Race - "There Goes Kafka"
The Horrors - "Primary Colours"
This Mono Galaxy - "Every Day Loks Like The Last"
Gatekeeper - "Tides"
Club De Rome - "Gringhita"
Prince - "Dirty Mind"
Health - "Die Slow"
These New Puritans - "We Want War"
Twisted Wires - "One Night At The Raw Deal"
David Bowie - "Kooks"
2.3 - " Where To Now"
Gang Of Four - "Cheeseburger (live)"
Ipso Facto - "Greta"
Alec Empire - "If You Live Or Die"
Liars - "Scissor"
This Mono Galaxy - "Team Building"
Dirty Projectors - "Ascending Melody"

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