Monday, 11 January 2010

Bosco Delray, new gigs and pics.

This is kind of weird writing about a scene and club night I've never been to but anyway.. Midnight Till Death is a club night at Don Pedros (90 Manhattan Avenue between Boerum & McKibbon) in Brooklyn.

<-- Google Earth street view of the entrance!
This is a well cool (I hesitate but think I'm 100% correct in saying) scuzy, undergound gig venue! Midnight Till Death has been going for about 2 years and is on once a month. Visualise loads of bands you wont ever have heard of but will do, shared equitment, hand drawn posters, scene kids, $6 entry, projectors, distortion and, at the one last friday, Mad Decents Bosco Delray! A Fokkawolfe favourite Bosco Delray should be way bigger than he is, we have to wait for the album out this year to see what happens. At the moment he's playing gigs all over NYC. Here's some pics of his set from the night!

At next months Midnight Till Death a great punk band called Cerebral Ballzy will be playing, who if the videos of their live shows are anything to go by (which of course they are!) totally blow shit away! "Bad Brains on crystal meth." - NY Press