Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Kinema Circles EP interview exclusive!

Recovering from their epic EP launch Kinema discuss albums, Barry White and Ferraris made out of cake!

So the Circles EP Launch went SO well were you pleases with the response?
Yeah, completely. Our Brighton shows are becoming few and far between now, so it was great to play in front of so many people we know again. Our friends have always been great to us - very few of them are wallflowers, so shows in our home town are always lively.

You guys seem to have a very sexual vibe on stage and pretty much the whole audience were hot ladies, as a band do you keep the sexual vibe going off stage?
Ha! As much as we'd like to think of ourselves as being irresistible to the ladies, I'm not sure there's a whole lot of evidence to support that. We've obviously got a couple of tunes that are inspired by the more physical aspects of life, but I'm not under any illusion that I'm Prince or anything - those songs have always got a sub-text about being worried that you aren't going to live up to the girls expectations. A lot of the time the bravado is there just to mask the anxiety.

I've noticed from your Twitter posts that you're fans of R&B crooner Bobby Valentino, who else rocks :Kinemas: musical world?
Bobby V has a special place in our hearts, but we listen to a pretty wide variety of stuff. In terms of contemporary music - I'm listening to a lot of European disco; people like Ilija Rudman, Aeroplane, Siriusmo etc. Band-wise I'm liking Casiokids, the new Yeasayer stuff and those Hot Chip boys always seem to remind you that you got a lot to learn.
We also love the Skweee from Scandanavia - Ross (:Kinema: keytar/synth operator) has a Skweee solo project under the name Boss Kite; you can check him out at this month's Donky Pitch in Brighton).

The production on this EP is pretty sweet, are you bedroom/laptop centred or did you splash out on studio time?
Funnily enough we did splash out on some studio time at a couple of places but we weren't very happy with the results. In the end we just knuckled down, stripped the songs back to their bare bones and started again doing it all ourselves. I think we had a very strong sense of how we wanted the songs to sound, as well as what we wanted them to do musically, and if that's the case then I think its going to be hard for a producer to deliver what you want.

And the EP is out on Hot Pockets yeah? Will we be seeing an album soon?
If 2010 goes exceptionally well you might see an album by the end of the year, but its more likely it will be early 2011. The songs are pretty much all there but we've a lot to sort out behind the scenes. It will probably take us several months to think of a name for it as well.

If :Kinema: could play anywhere, where would be your ideal place to play a gig?
Personally I wont be happy until we've played at one of P.Diddy's legendary birthday parties - one of those ones where he has shark tanks and ferraris made out of cake.

Again with the sexual vibe but I'm pretty sure there's a lot of girls out there desperate to know if you guys are single?
Are you sure? No one has been in touch. Anyway, yes, we are all single.

Well finally which would you rather: that for the rest of your life you had massive reverb on your speaking voice or that every time you walked into a room you had a little keyboard fanfare?
Reverb on the voice would be good. No-one likes the sound of their own speaking voice - listening to ourselves being interviewed on the radio was kind of painful; maybe a bit of reverb would sort that out. Imagine how great it would make your pillow-talk sound as well. Everything you said would sound like the intro to a Barry White ballad.

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