Friday, 27 April 2012

You Are Listening To...

Wanna listen to the future but live as it happens..? The radio channels of constant scrolling crime, the endless night, cops calling it in, the endless chatter of chases and arrests and incidents. Backed by an endless ambient soundscape of synths and glittering wonder, drones and echoes pushing on forever. Like some new BladeRunner sequel echoing back through a time portal in the web for all eternity.

"You Are Listening To" is a website that collates a huge wealth of awesome Soundcloud tracks labelled as ambient, drone or the like and combines them with live streams of the police radio bandwidth from many cities all over the US.. the effect is mesmerising and wonderful in the extreme I could listen to the site for weeks on end. The best Cities are usually LA or New York, there is always something going on, a robbery, homicide etc, all the radio call accompanied by the the best ambient heavy dark tracks around. In fact its usually the place I go to find new stuff like this.

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