Saturday, 9 April 2011

statement of intent, or an intense statement..

...this blog might be taking a less Noise more Rave direction. My brain is less excited by long abstract noise and experimental tracks and more titillated by post rave kind of sounds.. things with a better production range and a bit more upbeat, I dunno the next thing I post will probably contradict this statement, but hey I just feel I need to up my sonic game a bit and not wander down a narrowing avenue of hard to listen to tracks. Anyway here is something I just discovered in the last half hour and think is just brilliant and is the kind of example of things I'm going on about: Tash Willmore - ♏ü﹩ḯк @ƒ ℱäяℊεя, this track is epic and heavy blissful and just big things!

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