Thursday, 7 April 2011

Nattymari presents an asymmetrical matrix

We are all products of our preconceptions. Even those that fancy themselves avant easily fall into the simplified categories that society’s norms have created for them. It’s a matter of species survival. Whereas mutation is good for evolution, it is anathema to the stagnation of maintaining our role as alpha beast on this planet.
Despite its futuristic warcry, most music is old and unchallenging. Even the purveyors of futurism like Ornette Coleman and Frank Zappa have found themselves washing their feet in the tepid pool of rhythm and blues. In order for any music to be completely challenging, it must jar the listener. Attack the senses with information that is not so easily processed. It comes as no surprise that this may not always be a pleasant experience.
Symmetry is the essence of beauty. When model Marla Hanson was assaulted, her face was deemed unworthy of magazine covers because it lost its symmetry. My music could easily be Marla Hanson’s face. Scared. Flawed, by society’s standards, yet maintaining the same beauty that always lies in the sweet songs of the Seirēnes.


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HOUSE ov thee SON

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