Sunday, 3 April 2011

Pyramids Of Mu - Illuminatu

My new favourite band Pyramids Of Mu have internet presence beyond their singular Vimeo profile, I blogged their video and remix of Mater Supiria Visions - Das Haus der Hexe a few days ago and today they have a Soundcloud with the track "Illuminatu" on it! How closely connected to Mater Suspiria Vision there are remains to be seen but they are signed to their label Phantasma Disques. So I'm just excited to see what else issues forth from their vaguely KLF inspired sonic brains!


  1. Can you forgive a group for stealing so shamelessly from the KLFs brilliantly original iconography and mythology? Smacks of lack of ideas to me.

  2. ...its all a play on the iconography and musical leanings of a lot of Witch House anyway just as much as it is about KLF links, ...and how do you know its isnt a Drummond and Cauty project?
    Its just the sort of awkward shit they'd do!

  3. Wow I love this track. I'm definitely keeping an eye of this group.