Sunday, 8 March 2009

Not For Resale Setlist for March!

This is my set list from last weeks Not For Resale at the Penthouse. It was in this order but was also interspaced here and there by Meatbreaks set as well!

Everything really is super good so do go check it out if you like the sound of it!!

Jarun - "Deszcz" (Folk black metal from slovakia)

Zombi - "Spirit Animal" (John Carpenter at Studio 54, but today)

Zomby - "Helter Skelter" (Rythmic building dub-step)

Anton Hammer - "Zombies" (Dub-step from Finland)

Flowers Of Doom - "Demon" (Sinister horror indie)

The Broken Hearts - "Branco" (Girl vs Girl tweeness)

Crystal Stilts - "Crippled Croon" (Shoegaze Jesus & Mary Chain beautyness)

Hateful Abandon - "Lungs" (Doom vs Black Metal via Joy Division)

Varghkoghargasmal - "Near The Starts" (Unpronouncable jamming)

Gatekeeper - "Optimus Maximus" (80s style horror electro doom)

She - "Day 4" (8bit japanese future dance)

Zombi - "Infinity" (John Carpenter at Studio 54, but today)

Geometri - "Airwolf" (Justice doing a partly dub-step Air Wolf theme tune)

Lazer Crystal - "Hotpinkbmx" (John Carpenter meets Holy Fuck)

Wavves - "Wavves" (Noise Jangle Rythm Garage)

Fuckwolf - "Afro Cuban" (Aids Wolf & Medicine And Duty down a long pipe)

She - "Conversations" (8bit japanese future dance)

Arcade Eden - "The Deep South" (New Young Pony Club but from Jersey)

Quarta330 - "Test" (Japanese 8bit dub-step)

Goth-Trad - "Itinerant Priest" (Dubstep)

Cardopusher - "Show Me Your Pussy Massive" (Columbian dub-step breaks)

Habsyll - "1pt 2" (Slowed down Black Metal)

We Wait For The Snow - "Tso Partcho La" (Very lovely ambient folk)

Yeasayer - "Wait For The Summer" (Future hippy prog from MGMTs pals)

Unicorn Kid - "80900000" (8bit electro from a lion hat wearing 17 year old)

You Love Her Cos She's Dead - "Dead End" (8bit screamo for fans of Skins)

Late Of The Pier - "Hot Tent Blues" (Prog but like you like it)

Fucked Up - "The Black Hats" (Hardcore punk with psychadelic pretensions)

White Fang - "Acid Reaper" (Doom riffage)

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  1. I have the Habsyll album - it is on tUMULt records (and 5 others as some kind of crazy global release weirdness!) - amazing!!