Thursday, 12 March 2009

Bat For Lashes Vs Technotronic

I was up early and for some reason started to listen to old cheesy rave records, Technotronic, Hardcore Uproar, lil Louis, 808 State, Betty Boo, Candy Flip, Snap, Adentures Of Stevie V, The Shamen etc..

While bopping out in my room drinking loadsa coffee I started to flick through my MySpace bulletins and saw Tashes new video "Daniel" Now I've always liked Bat For Lashes but never really listen too much to her as its not totally my thing but I really like her new stuff, at least shes being more La Roux and less CatPower/Bjork Daniel - Bat For Lashes

..But despite this super nice vid and song I'm sure wherever shes living shes still never doing the washing up! (Letting things "Soak" is not the same as cleaning things!)

1 comment:

  1. Ha ha, love it Laurence!! Went and stayed with her a couple of months back and Mark and I did her washing up for yeah, nothing has changed there!!!