Saturday, 14 March 2009

Everyone To The Anderson, Elks, P For Persia at The Green House Effect 13/3/09

Everytime I see P For Persia they get better and better, last night there was some new songs thrown into the mix too! I've put them on twice now and seen them four times, I think I've accidently become their number one fan!

Elks were good in a bluesy Charlottefield way, all beards and smilling and great dynamics.

Everyone to the Anderson kicked it well, not as agro/violent as I remember but still heavy as!

But sandwiched in there between P For Persia and Elks was Who Owns Death TV.. and their annoying FAR TOO LOUD for their own good sonic youth noise.. All high end and cheap symbols guitar solos and shit.. They have fucked my ears (still muddy and whistling today!) Their bass player is great but they're not the kind of band that being TOO loud suits! They're no Motorhead! I dont like to slag bands off but man my ears!
Baa! :( Bad WODTV!

I played some Disco Devil, Force Of Nature and Blood Ceromony with the Meatbreak in the gaps between!

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