Wednesday, 8 May 2013

River Bones

As much as I would like to stop blogging With House, there keep being great releases and great new artists working with that sound, stuff too good to let slip by. French artist River Bones is just one such Witch House  bothering genius. I'm a sucker for drone and bass, for slow apocalyptic beats and giant fuzz, before the Witchian sound it was Doom and drone artist that brought that to me but since 2010 it's usually Witch House with its beautiful gift of huge synth chords and slow rave celestial magic. Rive Bones has that to give and more. Subtle then brash, gentle then hard as. Epic and eternal with jittering pre-Trap beats and soaring saw-toothed synth melodies. Go download the ten track album called Icon from Bandcamp (Pay what you what or download for free)

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