Monday, 20 April 2009


The "Society for Cutting Up Men" was a Feminist art movment/action group. This is not them. Though the band do quote them in their Myspace.
S.C.U.M are a brillaint goth noise band from London wearing its influences visably on its sleave. But doing it so well it hurts. Its all Throbbing Gristle, industrial noisescapes and Bauhaus, Joy Division epic dub reverb and darkness inducing Alien Sex Fiendness!

S.C.U.M. - Warsaw from Liz Armstrong on Vimeo.
If The Horrors are moving in a blissed out goth noise direction then S.C.U.M are taking broken bottles and slashing their wrists in order to drink the Morphine rich blood!
They have a debut single "Visions Arrive" which is sold out and are on tour, playing Brighton on 6th May at New Hero and again during the Great Escape festival! Do not miss them!

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