Tuesday, 7 April 2009

A classic Calvin Harris Twitter, un-edited from 6/4/09:

On an overcrowded train to newcastle blagging it in first class ordered a meal hopefully they don't move me before it comes.

Soup course over...still in first, fighting the machine fuck you national express and your 'rules' what a thrill what a buzz.

Main course successfully consumed! Back once again for the renegade master d4 damager power to the people!

No 'ill behaviour' from me though, my table manners are impeccable.

Ok what now? Dessert? Dare I? The final nail in the coffin for national express' ticketing system! A costly mistake but they will learn.

Man alive I even took an after eight. This is the single most rebellious thing anybody has ever done and you are wrong to think otherwise.

And now a cup of tea. The decadence! I'm going to let this tea go cold thus rendering it useless as a final act of rebellion.

Heard that Eoghan Quigg's cover of Year 3000 in the lift at 6music today. It was fucking shite.

Ok I've been rumbled by 'the man'. I have no means of paying so they're deciding what to do with me! I'll go down fighting.

I'm going to take a shit in the first class toilets as a final 'fuck you'.

Last stop and lo, the ticket man cometh. This is where it all falls apart comrades, what to do? Last resort : pretend I'm fucking mental.

Banging out Dance Area 'A A 24 7' to scare them off. Playing 2 slightly out of sync on itunes and quicktime simultaneously. Intense.

I made it without paying what a buzz and made metro radio in time the people of newcastle weren't deprived of my diamond chat, good end.

Good Lord just saw you can get it at Tesco's for 57p! 57p!!! That track took me 2 years! 57p! 2 years! 57p! No wonder music's on it's arse x

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