Thursday, 2 August 2012

Veracom debut album.

Out on Amdiscs is VΞRACOM's first full proper release, this is a spacey synth wonder of crooning magic and space rhythm. This is Amdiscs statement to accompany the release:

"VΞRACOM is Ryan Groch based out of Dallas, upon our mutual agreement we decided to collaborate with VERACOM CORP. LTD ALL RIGHTS RESERVED on its first release. It was designed back in the date of proto utopian manifestos when googling pixelized background images of beaches haven't been possible nor taken for essential ritual of pertinent paradise. As the time progressed the ultimate telos emerged awarefully, it have been heavy-sampled, some lush filled vocals have taken their place in the structure, and all-powerfull love have been inhaled that now maintains the tint on the speed of light."

Get the album here.

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