Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Smooooth baby, yeah!

There's a glut of polished synth pop bands insisting for attention at the moment. They're not coming from the nu-rave indie dance angle but from a smooth, R&B, production centered, house inspired enclave that we all thought was gone but due to the new pop revival has reared its head again!

Now some like :Kinema: are great and thats the point its all about how these bands carry it off, if its as housey and creepily smooth as :Kinema:s Circles EP I like it. The EP is like George Michael pinning Hot Chip up against the wall at R. Kellys coming out party, brilliant! (and that isnt just reviewing hyperbole its quite literal!)

But then you get bands like Fenech Soler, which me and Meatbreak championed a few years ago at Not For Resale when they sounded like Justice but who now sound like they think Duran Duran are a bit to edgy. Please dont let them be big in 2010. Please!

Neon Highwire are also an example of this type of band going wrong though they seem to have listen to Test Icicles a little too much (like what year is this?) Read their Myspace press release and it makes you want to cut your ears off it's so damn safe.

This is just a taster, there are a whole bunch more, alot from LA (often a three piece, not sure why?) I would have used Magistrates as a really good example but they've just split up!

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