Sunday, 28 June 2009

Busy Signal, Major Lazer, Foulplay and Geometri! (what I'm listening to right now!)

Everyone loves that old Justice Vs Simian "We Are Your Friends" track.. yeah? Bet you'll love it more when its sampled in this wonderfully disturbing dancehall track by Busy Signal -"Just Wanna Fuck (DJayCee B-More Blend)"
It goes from being an inclusive anthemic feel good song to being used repeatedly in the line: "I just wanna fuck 'your friends'.." Again and again!
The link above is a download!

Also been listening to a lot of Major Lazer, dancehall for white kids, (here's their myspace.)

And just discovered Foulplay Dubstep on myspace, from Florida, its a record label, kinda American dubstep come drum&bass with a big roster of artists , all lonely white guys in their bedrooms, all pretty good though!

Also listening to one of Brightons electro finest,
◢ GE◐METRI ◣! Their remix of Evil Nine's "Set it off" is killer! Their Myspace has a whole series of downloads for you to grab!

Somewhere I have a photo of me when I was about 2 years old and Carlos from Geometri sitting together in a motorcycle sidecar! I'm naked a chewing on the rubber up-holstery.. he's a year or two older and looks kinda embarrassed/cool! I'll find it some point and re-post!!

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