Thursday 20 May 2010

GR†LL GR†LL. Witch House post #1

GR†LLGR†LL are from Paris.. and Denmark and.. well in the intentionally mysterious and un-pronounceable world of Witch House these things don't really matter. The First rule of Witch House is don't talk about Witch House, keep it hidden and in the cold unless it spoils like a lovingly prepared cake left out overnight.
But with a hoard or artists emerging from the gloom to share their satanic down-tempo with us, its only right that people write about these bands, Djs and Remixers. The music is awesome and their visual aesthetic trumps any other emerging genre!
So anyway back to GR†LLGR†LL who are rocking a fantastic crack-hop, drone world, filled with slowed down indian chants and looming menace. Anyone who can remix Nirvanas "Something In The Way" by slowing down the vocals to at least half their original speed and make it sound better than the original is just awesome beyond belief!
Here are a couple of tracks from GR†LLGR†LLs Soundcloud page, all three can be downloaded:

SentimentalDaneHeart by GRiLLGRiLL
THEYALLsay/SssHhh w.h sutter pikkemand by GRiLLGRiLL

Disaro is the label to find GR†LLGR†LL and they have a release via them.
With all of these Witch House bands if you can be allowed to join the Last.Fm "WITCH HOUSE" group then you can get access to their share thread of loads of free downloads. Thing is you probably wont be allowed to join 'cos the creators are like that!

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