Monday, 17 June 2013

an end

I'm sat hear with 30 pence to my name for the next 4 days, all the time in the world to blog but none of the impetus, I have too much great music to listen to, too many new unsigned bands bookmarked to blog at some point. After a while the occasional "thank you" from a band, the occasional increases in readership, in facebook likes.. these no longer hold that initial excitement. There's nothing worse than coming across a blog you used to read and finding it just slipped away into the ether without explanation.

My blog was one of the first and continued to be a major voice during the emergence of Witch House and that whole sound, it was so great to be part of that community and know you were part of something really cool and you know kind of important to some people. But as that scene waned away my blog went back to playing catch up with my RSS reader, 200+ blogs spewing music at me everyday, twitter and facebook feeds doing the same. Eventually the idea of trying to re-create that as a blog seems absurd and strange.

The Fokkawolfe blog appeared at the tail end of the music blogging scene just before all the social media sites and mainstream sites caught up... We now reside in an era where they seem less and less relevant. After a while the jaded blogger starts to wonder why they are doing it as the torrent of PR emails floods in selling you the latest bland indie catalogue band day after day, emails you delete without even reading the header.

Over the lifetime of this blog I've discovered insanely amazing music and shared it with literally hundreds of thousands of people, I've helped bands and artists get noticed and I've even got some other blogging work with the always great Mishka blog which was fun while it lasted. Though blogging I've made friends, got writing work, made music videos put on gigs and clubnights and been in on some of the most interesting and cutting edge music of the last few years, but....

I guess in the end it's to do with being sat in your room day after day only listening to music in relation to the blog, not getting paid, not getting freebies and not having time to have a life in music outside of the laptop screen. I want to hear new music without thinking of it in terms of blog-ability, without the sudden rise in stress as I contemplate the many hundreds of bookmarked bands and albums waiting to be posted up.

I want to catch my breath when I hear a new sound and feel excited, I want people and input rather than just these four walls of my laptop screen. I want a new format to the musical internet of my life.

This blog will stay up as a record for people to use of some the cool as fuck music that I've discovered over the years, go delve and mine it for all its worth, there's a LOT of free downloads.

Thanks for coming to this blog, but now I have to go.

...but god-damn it there's still so much great music I still want to share with you all.


  1. thank you for sharing such great music.

  2. <3 Thank you so much!! <3 <3 You will surely stay in our hearts for all the amazing music you have brought into our lives <3

  3. You'll be so, so sorely missed. Go well into the night ♥

  4. Very very sad, but thank you for all the great music inspirations.

  5. Good bye and thanks for the fish!

  6. Dude you are a star in my world, and I know very little about u outside of this blog, which I've loved... You are wise to follow your instincts and move on. Keep on keeping on, xoxo peace and luv

  7. This blog is amazing! Thank you!

  8. Thank you so much for this blog! =^_^=