Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Chillwave,Mexican Summer and the best event at SXSW this year!

Chillwave, either it was for boring stoner girls or the best thing to happen to 2009. Chillwave annoyed the hell out of the kind of people who say they hate hippies but was also loved, blogged and shared by a very wide range of people.

The bands that fit the genres parameters would never have been as well known if this had all happened five years ago, blogs and general internet love-ins have made these bands, well not big but at least widely circulated, heard, known and loved.
Chillwaves Wiki entry informs you of a bunch of amusing facts about the scene check it out here.

This collaborative South By SouthWest all day event that the poster to the left shows is being put on by champions of Chillwave Mexican Summer Records and Gorilla Vs Bear on the 19th March and the line up is an amazing who's who of the genre!

Memory Tapes,
Washed Out,
Pearl Harbour,
Best Coast,
The Golden Filter,
Real Estate,
Eternal Summers,
Dum Dum Girls,
The Mantles,
The Sandwitches,
Mountain Man,
The Young,
The Bitters,

Just Googling the first four will spam your brain with enough blissed out vibes to last for days!


  1. Nice poster. Mountain man are conspicuous by their total non chillwaveyness there. A bit of mist country never hurt no one though.

    Hypnogogic Shimmertone.


  2. Oh yeah, also - Our Best Coast/Pocahaunted faeture on the NFR blog is our most popular post by miles, and it's pretty much the most definite article on those bands on the web!

    still fresh.

  3. ...also again, and unrelatedly - Have you heard Sleigh Bells? i think you'll shit yrself.